Li Gear serves its customers as an innovative, complete supply chain solution for high-quality industrial gearing and other precision products. We are a trusted, world-class supplier of some of our customers' most critical components. We add value throughout the entire manufacturing process, including engineering, machining, quality, delivery, and support.


Engineering has always been a strong suit for Li Gear. We work together with our customers in designing and making the next new product.


From metal forgings to finish machining, we have what it takes to turn drawings into products. Our machining capabilities are world-class. So whether it is one prototype or production quantity, we can machine it complete.


Quality is what we were built on. Our customers trust our quality and we work hard for their trust.


We are known for our delivery. We manage logistics from start to finish, around the clock, so our customers can have peace of mind.


We are here to serve and support our customers for the long term. Give us an opportunity and let us show you how we can make a difference.