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With Li Gear as your partner, you can expect the highest levels of quality and service. Our engineering team follows AGMA, ISO, DIN, or JIS standards, according to drawing specifications. As a small business, we give every customer the personal level of customer service they deserve.

Gear Tooth Accuracy

Gear teeth are inspected with our modern, state-of-the-art gear inspection equipment, which includes the Klingelnberg P300 fully automatic CNC controlled gear measuring center. We achieve tooth accuracy up to AGMA Q12. 


All of our gearboxes are assembled with strict quality control procedures. This includes gear backlash, tooth contact, bearing end play, oil pressure and leakage, vibration, noise, and temperature  inspections.

We use modern assembly and testing facilities equipped with no load test cells and back-to-back full load test cells. This gives us the capability to inspect gear backlash, tooth contact, bearing end play, oil pressure, oil leakage, vibration, noise, temperature, RPM, as well as input and output torque. No load testing is standard for all units that go out the door. Load testing is customized to our customer's requirements.

Quality and On Time Delivery 

We believe in delivering the best quality in a timely fashion. As part of our commitment to customer service, we stay on top of each order and shipment.  We offer competitive lead time without compromising quality.  

We use packaging technologies that can endure harsh shipping conditions and long term storage when necessary.

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