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We serve a wide range of heavy industries, including oil and gas, construction and mining, metals, and industrial mixing. We are capable of providing precision gears for many heavy-duty industrial applications. Let us be a solution to your gear and gearbox needs.

Oil and Gas

Li Gear manufactures high quality gears and gearboxes for the oil and natural gas industry. Applications include hydraulic fracturing and other well servicing applications such as cementing and acidizing; drawworks; rotary tables; mud pumps; and top drives.

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Construction and Mining

We produce precision spur, helical, and bevel gears, as well as parallel shaft, right angle, and planetary gearboxes for the construction and mining industry. Applications include pump drives; conveyors; pavers; cone crushers; cranes; and pulverizers.



We manufacture build-to-print gearboxes for the metal processing industry. Applications include strip processing, rolling and finishing mill drives, winders and unwinders, tensioning drives, and shear drives.

steel mill
Metal Tubes

Industrial Mixing

We build medium to large gearboxes for a wide range of industrial mixing applications, including chemical processing, energy, water treatment, oil refining, pulp and paper, mineral processing, and others.

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