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Li Gear manufactures a complete line of gear couplings, grid couplings, and jaw couplings. Committed to producing the highest quality products, Li Gear kept growing product lines to meet the needs of our customers. Our high precision couplings are interchangeable with most standard couplings.


Gear Couplings

Gear Coupling
Three Couplings
Gear Coupling Diagram.jpg

Our gear coupling conforms to AGMA standards, and is interchangeable with the major coupling manufacturers in the US. With crown teeth, our gear couplings are able to tolerate parallel, angular, and axial misalignment. It is used widely in the high torque and high rpm applications.

Gear Coupling Chart.jpg

Jaw Couplings

JAW Diagram.jpg

Our Jaw coupling provides highly reliable service for light, medium, and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion power transmission applications. Our Jaw couplings are a great option for power transmission to
industrial equipment such as pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors. Contact us to discuss sizing requirements.

Jaw Coupling Chart.jpg

Grid Couplings

Grid Coupling.png

Our grid coupling is superior for reducing vibration and shock load. Our industry standard hubs and grid springs allow our couplings to be interchangeable with other industry standard grid couplings and components. We have the option for Custom Bore and Keyway service.

Grid Coupling Chart.jpg
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